Superwoman Doesn’t Have A Cape But Drives A Toyota Prius

This incident happened to me just recently. I was out shopping since my daughter needed a new leggings supply while my son had run out of his shirt collection thanks to his ever growing torso. In the line as I waited my turn to pay, I noticed a tall man who wasn’t exactly well clothed, wheeling his child around in a stroller with a cover on top that really can’t be called an umbrella. The stroller was in a dilapidated condition and it was obvious that the father was there to get it replaced.

He kept browsing through various strollers and checking them out when suddenly an employee rushed forward and butted in front of him asking if he could help. Basically, the kind of thing you see people doing to ward off anyone who may not be there to shop actually or simply cannot afford something. At this point the father shrugged his shoulders and said no. he calmly walked on. Right then I noticed a lady in the other line break queue and retrieve the same stroller that the father was previously eyeing before he was rudely interrupted.

We walked out almost at the same time and as I reeled in my purchases with me towards the car park, the lady quickly passes me by calling after the father who had just left empty handed.

To his and my surprise she handed over the stroller with the following words, “transports become quite expensive nowadays, I know. There’s hardly anything left after using a bus over here”. And she left!

The father was left stunned and slowly gathered his wits. As he gladly transferred his ward to its newest stroller replete with impressive features, he began sobbing and cried out after the thoughtful woman, thanking her kindness. Me? I was left starring across the car park, mesmerized and feeling happy that humanity still exists. That’s when I saw superwoman jump into a Toyota Prius and drive away.

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