My Labor Experience

I will be honest, before I went into labor the first time around, I was terrified of what was inevitable. I prayed that my experience be pain free, but it never is. Thankfully, for me labor wasn’t all that bad as I was expecting it to be. The second time around was much easier as I knew exactly what to expect and that made me think as to why I was terrified the first time around.

It turns out, all the horror stories I read, stuff I heard had made me jittery. The lesson to learn here is that things can go super smooth or terribly wrong. Fact is, it differs from mother to mother. However, medical science and the art of childbirth has progressed to such a level of sophistication that it hardly ever is a horror story.

Contractions for me were manageable and not something that drove me mad. I consider myself to be a person who has a high pain threshold and maybe that’s why it wasn’t so much of a painful experience. However, there is one incident leading up to the actual delivery that always leaves me in splits.

This happened for my boy’s birth and being my first time, I was terrified even before the anesthesiologist came into the room. The moment he entered with the nurse, I sat up and instantly peed the bed! Yes, I totally soaked it down to the last fiber and was left red faced. It was so embarrassing that I began to cry and even helped the nurse clean the bed by wiping down. For them though this was natural and as the anesthesiologist told me, it happens quite often that I could imagine. He even game me a hug and said to relax.

The point I am trying to make through my experience is that it was both good and bad. At the end of the day, it was entirely my experience and not one that can teach you anything. The only thing you should take away from my experience that every mother faces childbirth in her own unique way. Don’t keep preconceived notions and rather be open to whatever happens. The less anxious you are the easier it will be no matter what comes.

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