My Mistakes With My First Born Started With His Name!

I remember my first time and the gaffes during my baby’s first year. At the time each time I made a silly mistake, I felt like I was the worst mother in the whole wide world. However, as time went by and many of my friends became new mothers, I realized that most of the mistakes were committed by all first time parents. If only someone told me of these mistakes, but wait my mother did try to warn me about a few.

Not Picking A Name

I know, it is a rooky mistake but I was a single mother then, and I was afraid. I was eagerly waiting for my bundle of joy but I was afraid of what the future holds. Naming my baby would only bring me closer to the truth, which was that my life has changed and I have to do so too. As it turns out, if you don’t name your child before its born, folks start giving all sorts of weird names!

Panic Mode Forever

Babies do a lot of things other than looking cute. They vomit, hiccup, make awkward sounds and froth at the mouth. Getting worked up on every tiny new behavior of your child is natural but you need not. Babies can pick up on the anxiety of parents according to some studies.

Don’t worry about everything. Is she eating enough? Is she having too much bowel movement? Is that sound familiar? Stop worrying or you will go crazy and drive your doctor crazy too!

Let Your Baby Cry

Babies cry and that is how they communicate. My first born cried for no reason. I would feed it, check the diapers and ensure he had enough sleep and even then he would cry for no reason for a few minutes almost spontaneously. This worried me a lot but as time went by, I understood that they cry because that is the only way they know to communicate. Unless your baby’s cry lasts more than 15 minutes and you have the most common things right, you should not worry.

Waking Up Just To Breastfeed

This particular mistake was my misunderstanding of what my mother told me. She said babies tend to wake up in the night because they may get hungry and I mistook it as, feed the baby at night since breastfeeding is not sufficient to last through the night. The end result is that my baby began waking up in the middle of the night frequently.

Sweat A Fever Out

It is terrifying seeing your baby suffer through a fever but let it run its course as this helps strengthen his immune system. Unless the temperature rises above 100.4 degrees, you need not worry at all.

Car Seat Installation

Being a single mother for my first child, I installed the car seat and never having done a DIY project before, the result was shoddy at best. It survived the first time around to the supermarket but then the next day when I was about to latch my baby into the seat, I noticed that the farthest strap had come undone. Well, time to hit the local baby store and have a pro install it right once and for all.