I Want To Be A Doctor, No An Astronaut

Me, I am a web designer and freelancer at that, which suits me rather well since it lets me take care of my two children with considerable ease. As for my husband, he in marketing for a large pharmaceutical company. My mother keeps saying that I always wanted to be a nurse when growing up and I would spend hours playing doctor-nurse with my dolls.

According to her, it is critical to edge children from a young age towards choosing a dream profession. I find that weird really because my four year old son currently wants to be a doctor. Last week, it was astronaut and the month before that he wanted to be a dog!

My point being that children should be allowed to explore but whenever they wish to become something, we as parents should try our level best to explain them what the profession entails and how wonderful it is, even if it is to be a dog!

What do you think? Am I wrong in my belief?

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