A Mother’s Experience

When Timothy was born, it was all too scary for me – a single mother with only my parents for backup. Granted, they helped out a lot and if it weren’t for them then I would never have managed to overcome my fears. Plus, mom had plenty of home remedies that she introduced me to, some of which actually seemed to work rather well (don’t tell her that!)

Two years later I met Jonathan who I married and then I had my second child, a girl this time and we called her Marian after John’s mother. This time around I was much better prepared, not to mention I had a man I could depend on, and a career at One Sure Insurance, or so I thought!

My intentions with writing a blog of this sort is not to discourse knowledge but rather share my experience as a mother of two. My son is now nearing the four-year mark while my daughter soon turns 8 months old at the time of writing this. This puts me in a peculiar position where I can compare how my first and second time out as a mother went. Not to mention the sibling dynamic comes into play and that too is something I am pretty curious to find out as time goes by.

Occasionally, I will share tips and tricks or advice on raising a baby, nursing and more but for most of the time it will simply be my experience with my two kids. However, I will provide resources and links to articles or stuff I read online, books I read that helped me tremendously as I narrate my episodes. Mind you some of my episodes may have nothing to do with my children.

In the mean time, here are my latest additions…

I Want To Be A Doctor, No An Astronaut

Me, I am a web designer and freelancer at that, which suits me rather well since it lets me take care of my two children with considerable ease. As for my husband, he in marketing for a large pharmaceutical company ...
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Superwoman Doesn’t Have A Cape But Drives A Toyota Prius

This incident happened to me just recently. I was out shopping since my daughter needed a new leggings supply while my son had run out of his shirt collection thanks to his ever growing torso. In the line as I ...
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My Labor Experience

I will be honest, before I went into labor the first time around, I was terrified of what was inevitable. I prayed that my experience be pain free, but it never is. Thankfully, for me labor wasn’t all that bad ...
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